scrub me

Scrub Club is run at our D8 premises. Doggie parents can use our facilities to wash and dry their dirty dogs. To become a Scrub Club user you need to do an induction – these will be held every Saturday morning between 10am-12pm. To book an induction just fill in this quick form or call 01-4546531

Once you know how to wash, blast and dry correctly you can use the facilities at any time – just pop in or call to make sure we have space. Our groomers will be on hand if you want help with any extra bits you aren’t comfortable with doing yourself – like squeezing glands, plucking ears, nails or fringe trims.

    A Full Scrub includes use of:

  • correct brushes or furminators for your dogs coat type
  • choice of shampoo & conditioner
  • an adjustable tub with high pressure hot water
  • use of the blaster and towels
  • your own booth for fluff drying
  • an apron so you don’t ruin your clothes
  • gooming tools & treatments if you are confident or have done our groom your own dog course – eg: nail clippers, scissors, ear wash
  • finishing spray and paw balm

Everyone who does an induction gets a €15 voucher to use at Scrub Club and will get added to our Priority Pup List where you get special offers monthly. We will open 7 days a week by April so weekend rolls in the mud can be followed by a wash in our tub and not your pretty bathroom!

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