Rainy day workouts

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Jerry not liking the rain!

So who knew Jerry was a woose? Crying like a baby & won’t go out in the rain. Here are 5 ideas I’ve used to keep him active while we are stuck in doors:

1. Hide treats & toys around the house. The only problem with this is he thinks the baby’s toys are his. Prepare for child related drama when they find Mr Monkey with an arm chewed off!
2. Play hide-and-seek. This is a great game for bonding. Even better get the kids to play hide & seek with him.
3. Another game for the dog & kids -“Cookie Come,” a game in which two people position themselves on either side of the house and call the dog back and forth, rewarding him with a treat or favorite toy. This reinforces basic commands and gives your dog great exercise.
4. Set up a retrieving game, but make sure you don’t play on a slippery surface like tile or laminate floor. Move breakables out of the way!
5. Use a ball throw to launch a ball up stairs & have them go fetch. Effective, again move breakables out of the way.

Rain rain please go away!

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