Our groomers are fully qualified, trained to City & Guilds standards and are the most dedicated, professional team you will find. We operate a caring friendly service and guide customers through the variety of options for their particular breed of dog. The best way to determine the most suitable maintenance plan is to meet one of the groomers and discuss your pet’s particular requirements. Just pop in! Consultations are free and don’t need an appointment.

The Full Works is a full head to paw professional groom tailored to your dog’s specific breed. It includes a health check, thorough brushing and de-matting if needed (and possible), breath freshening, maintenance of all the hygiene points – eyes, ears (plucking or cleaning),nails (trimming), pads (trimming and cleaning), bum (glands and trimming soiled hair) and groin (clipping followed by a  warm bath, fluff dry, hair cut or clip. All clips or trims are breed specific unless a different style is requested. The cost is dependent on the size, condition and breed of dog:
Small Short Haired (eg: Pug, Jack Russell) €40
Medium Short Haired (eg: Beagle, Bulldog) €45
Large Short Haired  (eg: Lab, Bassett) €50
Extra Large Short Haired (eg: Bordeaux) €60
Long Haired Small (eg: Westie, Bichon) €65-70
Long Hair Medium (eg: Cocker, Wheaten) €70-75
Larger or Specialist (eg: Retriever, Sheepdog) €80+

The Puppy Pamper is a fun introduction to grooming for puppies less than 5 months and includes all of the above except the hair cut. A light trim and face tidy is given instead. €50

Bath & Brush is to keep dogs clean and knot free in between full grooms, includes a thorough brushing and all the hygiene points as well as a warm bath and fluff dry. No trimming included.  From €30




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