Dogs at the Office?

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Mutts in Totally Dublin Magazine September 2013

Copy of the content we wrote for this months Mutt column in Totally Dublin Magazine (September 2013)

A documentary dubbed “Home Alone Dogs” just filmed for Channel 4, claims one in four of Britain’s eight million pet dogs are said to be suffering from depression, caused by the stress of being left alone by busy owners.

Dublin dogs it seems, are doing ok with many owners bringing their dog to work with them Some people have chosen dog related careers so they can have their pooches tag along – Orla Conway works at the new information center for the DSPCA in St Annes park and brings Bailey & Muffy to work with her, Eileen who runs the local crepe van gives them a meaty treat most mornings. Rosemary Fogarty set up Southpaw dog walking so Amber & Ruby wouldn’t be left home alone and I had a massive career change from running the marketing at a US technology company to opening up a shop (Muttugly) so my beagle Molly could come to work with me.

75% of dog owners say they would work longer hours if they could bring their dog to the office and they believe pets in the workplace lead to more creativity – the staff at ODKM architects, Hubspot, Little White Dog, Alan Hanna Book Shop, Joy’s Flowers and Siopaella must all be super creative & productive folk with Bones, Milo & Holly, Molly, Rod and Louis the schnoodle all allowed hang out at work.

Try pitching the idea to your boss – suggest “bring your dog to work day” to start with – visit and down load an action pack on how to plan such a day. Pre-empt any concerns by drawing up some pet-iquette rules customised for your office. Check out these ones for ideas.

If your boss is dead set against the idea (probably a secret cat lover) and you have concerns about leaving your dog then consider a local walker (approx 20 per visit) or consider a daycare service like the ones at Dog Training Ireland, Positive Dog Training or Muttugly (from 10 per visit)

If budgets are tight then it’s ok to leave him home alone – try check in at regular intervals, make sure your house is pet proof and leave him with plenty of stimulating toys – stag bars, brain games for dogs, kongs – your local pet shop can advise you on what will work best for his breed. Woof to happy dogs x

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