Cat talk!

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a happy catAt MuttUgly we like to understand everything about animals, what they’re thinking, what mood they’re in and how their day is going! We did some light reading to improve our Dr. Dolittle skills and found out some interesting facts on cat communication!

Cats  usually communicate through scent and body launguage, however, our feline friends that are used to human contact adapt their communication through vocalising or meow-ing! As humans are in charge, and we communicate mainly through sound, it makes sense for cats to communicate vocally also!  Cats must be worn out making all that noise just for us!

There are at least nineteen different types of “miaow” which can change in pitch, rhythm, volume, tone, pronunciation depending on the situation. Your cats personality depends on how often they talk to you, some never stop talking, so get practicing your meow!

“talking cat”

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