#DeadlyDog winners

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So it took us longer than expected to wade through all the #deadlydog competition entries. As usual, we are suckers for a deadly dog story and while there can only be one winner there are a few honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions go to:
Casper Rice #DeadlyTVwatching
Lily Lawlor #DeadlyCalendarDoggie
Fuiji Bow Wow Clarke #DeadlyName
Mia Dillon #DeadlyEyebrows
Romeo King #DeadlyPoodle
Judge Kinsella #DeadlyHappy(&popular!)
get your parents to PM us your postal address and we will send your winners rosettes with the postman sinead@muttugly.com
The winner(s) of our #deadlydog competition October 2013:
The Bradley Labs for being #deadlyfosterparents. Marie Bradley’s 3 labs have patiently allowed her to foster 17 dogs over the years.
We think you will agree they are deserving winners!

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